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Tuesday November 24th, 2020


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Green Art Camp with Environmental Clubs of Campus

  • Location | Energy Dream Center
  • Date | 2016.04.03
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Green Art Camp with Environmental Clubs of Campus

Green Art Camp was held on April 3th, on fine spring day.

12 campus environmental clubs took part in many activities which strengthen the power as environmental leader. Could you guess what they did? :-)

Let’s look at the ‘Energy Dream Center’ where the Green Art Camp was held!

The macaroon-shaped earphone cable organizers and bookmarks were prepared.


Also there were burgundy scrap paper notes, which were made by Daejayon itself, to encourage our desire to learn.

As these notes were bound with click-ring, you can change contents and use them again. 

Right before the beginning of the camp,
students gathered and sat on the table with fluttering heart.

At first, the director of Daejayon, who is the author of “Climate Change and New Social Contract”, delivered a lecture. (The “Climate Change and New Social Contract” is selected as the excellent environmental book.)

The title was “2 degrees Celsius : The Goal and Way of Global New Social Contract of 21 Century”. He explained the effect of increased temperatures on social aspect easily and interestingly. 

And a break time.
Students prepared the next time, with seeing the view of green Olympic Park.

The first lecture of the afternoon was about eco-design.
Yoon-hee Lee, a senior researcher of Institute for Climate Change Action, explained about the general concepts of the eco-design.

What is the eco-design?
We can feel how students were concentrating, even from their back.

After learning the concepts of the eco-design,
a practical education followed.
Jun-seo Lee, a chairman of the Ecojun Company, explained the process of eco-designed products.

He is the one who let people know that the used paper could be recycled, with public campaign advertisement, with a phrase “it is not just a sheet of paper, but two sheets.”

It is a really famous advertisement!
I also felt a lot by watching it.

We could reconsider the value and necessary of eco-design by this lecture, too.

Thanks to researcher Lee and Chairman Lee, for delivering a good lecture with a passion.

The next step was ‘designing my own eco-bag.’


All ingredients were set!

Let’s make the only one, my own eco-bag!



After cutting the preferred picture,
press it with an iron.

The eco-bags were made with students’ utmost sincerity.
How would they look?

It looks really pretty!!
There’s nothing that KGCAUS can’t do!

I wish we can deliver the message of decreasing the usage of plastic bags and paper bags to campus by using eco-bag! 

The last step was Green Art conference.
How can we make students participate in protection of the environment by utilizing the ‘Nudge Effect’?

The students had a heated discussion together to find out the ways.


And sharing the outcomes of discussion. 

A various good ideas were proposed, which we want to try with KGCAUS someday.

Also, we selected the best top 3 ideas by voting.

Taking a group picture~ :D

Thanks for KGCAUS, who endeavor to make Green Campus!

We are so proud of You!!

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