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Sunday December 3rd, 2023


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[Ban Ki-moon Foundation & DAEJAYON] Closing Ceremony of the 3rd Climate Environmental Leader Training Course

  • Location | Peace Museum of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
  • Date | 2023.08.24
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After three months of training, now it is the closing ceremony!

Even though the reality of our planet is still gloomy and frustrating,

we can find hope because there are the climate environmental leaders who do not give  up.

Thank you all for your hard work

in completing the climate environmental leader training course

with your school studies at the same time!

The closing ceremony started with the opening address

of Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General, and Lee Hye-gyong, President of DAEJAYON.

University students raising their voices to the university

through the activities of The CELders, community of Climate Environmental Leaders,

is the power to keep moving forward and not making your activities an once-off event.

Today, I will deliver the certificate of completion and shake hands.

I am definately not giving this certificate for you to get a job.

It is a certificate to support the voices of Climate Environmental Leaders

who will move the world.

I hope you will actively carry out the future activities with great pride

that you have become a true climate environmental leader, today,

and that you are participating in the great work of changing

the university and society in which you belong.

Next, was a presentation on the green campus proposal result

that The CELders carried out for three months.

The Chat GPT was first introduced for The CELders!

It shared the news that brought a new sensation to the university.

Various different activities were carried out!

Kim Ha-eun, Ko Ji-yoon: Established an environmental club in their university

Lee Seo-hong: Activity to vitalize eco-friendly festival with the ESG team on campus

Yu In-yu:  Planned separate garbage at Korea and Yonsei University Festival

Instagram feed colored with NET ZERO actions

Here comes the boss of toothpaste seperation!

Cloning due to too much trash while plogging!

The united activities of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd climate environmental leaders

made the Climate Environmental Leader Training Course more special.

The CELders came up with a Green Campus Proposal

on environmental education for freshmen, eco-friendly festival, build Net Zero road map,

after releasing the survey on environmental awareness on campus

and the current state of environmental education of universities.

The students from 60 universities conducted Green Campus Activity on their campuses.

The CELders actively promoted the survey results to their universities

through various media such as everytime, school website, and school newspaper.

The CELders changed universities with their voices,

not remaining in promoting the survey results.

For example, a team that delivered the Green Campus Proposal to the university staff,

and Seoil University and Hanseo University promised to practice the contents in the proposal.

The CELders in Chosun Unvi. met with the president of the university

after having meetings with the staffs of the working-level three times.

The president responded positively to all proposals.

We will look forward to more good news at the second semester!

There is a univerity where The CELders Club has been established

so that the activities of The CELders could be continued on campus

and not finish in a one-off activity.

Kyung Hee University students Kim So-young and Yang Moon-young,

met with the vice-president of the university and request the establishment of green campus.

The vice-president appointed the two students as student members of the ESG committee,

promised to implement all three Green Campus proposals with financial support,

and first proposed the establishment of The CELders Club to soomthly carry out the activities.

At Yuan University, Song Myeong-geun, Kim Min-seok, and Ko Ji-yoon,

visited the Director of External Cooperation.

The director promised to accept all three Green Campus proposals, 

and appointed the students as the student organization of the External Cooperation,

and proposed the establishment of The CELders Club.

In addition, scholarships and overseas training opportunities were promised to the students.

Looking back at our activities, it feels really great to be a climate environmental leader.

I can't believe that it was a short program for a semester!

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported

that July was the hottest month ever,

with an average global surface temperature of 16.95℃ above 1.5℃.

This is almost close to the temperature rise of 1.5℃ set by as the maginot line,

with a 66 percent chance of breaking the 1.5℃ in five years.

At this rate, humanity's own self-proclaimed extinction is really going on.

It was impossible to stay outside for more than an hour or two

in this year's summer heat wave.

The collision between civilization created by mordern humans

and the planet's ecosystems occured.

The 100 university students of the 3rd Climate Environmental Leaders

did not give up on this issue even in the face of climate collapse,

came up with ideas and conducted research and discussions

to solve problems as best as possible.

During the proposal presentation, the highlight of the closing ceremony,

we listened to seven proposals out of a hundred.

Improvement of SMP Cap - Park Seong-hyun

Eco-Friendly Mileage FORSET - Shim Dong-jun

Virtuous Cycle of Soical Structure Using Local Energy and CF100 - Lee Seo-hong

Trend Setters of Carbon Neutrality! Armed Forces's Climate Strategy Unit - Lee Ji-min

3S Campaign- Lim So-jeong

I Ask TikTok - Jeon Ye-rin

Sustainable Consumption of Us All - Ian Hwang

The winners were decided on site through the evaluation of experts

and the 3rd climate environmental leader students.

Photo time!

Everyone took a photo with the certificate of completion.

A special present was given to the communication winner at discussion activity,

excellent performer for NET ZERO Action and winner of the Kahoot Quiz-talk.

The finnal winners received the awards certificate

and memoirs book with the autography of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 

We can not miss the photo at the green lawn

in the Climate Environmental Leader Training Course!

The Climate Environmental Leader Training Course was more meaningful together,

and all those who worked hard to complete the course

took a commemorative photo together with their certificates.

Everyone shouted the slogan together and promised to create a NET ZERO world!

 Academy → Discussion on Proposal Presentation → 

 NET ZERO Action → Establishing Green Campus 

Finishing all the course above, the students have become a climate environmental leader.

Hope you become a climate environmental leader who will lead the Net Zero trend.

Winston Churchill said

'Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

it is the courage to continue that counts.'

You have to be a warrior to solve climate crisis.

Do not be afraid of success and failure but keep building up.

Keep showing your passion and sincerity.

I will go to your school and support what you say.

- Overall Review of Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General -


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