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Sunday December 3rd, 2023


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Campaign for NET ZERO : Green Campus

  • Location | Chicago State University, Central Park (New York), Grant Park (Chicago)
  • Date | 2023.08.11
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 Chicago State University 

 NET ZERO Campaign & Awareness Raising Survey 

Through the Net Zero Campaign at Chicago State University,

the students informed the annual amount of carbon dioxide generated by each sector

and the solutions for net zero.

Also, they conducted a survey on climate environment awareness of university students,

that was conducted by *The CELders in South Korea.

*It is a community for students who completed the Climate Environmental Leader Training Course

hosted by Ban Ki-moon Foundation and DAEJAYON

Result of the survey on climate environment awareness of university students

Among the people who participated in the survey,

50% knew the meaning of carbon neutrality,

30% knew America's target year for achieving carbon neutrality,

and only 23.3% knew the concept of ESG.

Through the survey, we can know that environmental education is necessary on campus

to respond to environmental problems.

Recognizing the necessity of establishing a green campus in the U.S.,

environmental activists will raise their voices

to raise the environmental awareness of university students.

 Plogging at Central Park, New York 

Students conducting plogging activity at the Central Park, New York,

informing about climate crisis and Net Zero to the citizens.

 Plogging at Grant Park, Chicago 

Participative plogging with citizens were conducted at the Grant Park,

next to the Lake Michigan, Chicago.

It was a time communicat with the citizens by informing about climate crisis and net zero,

and making efforts for the environment.

 Hope the American university students 

 raise their voices to achieve the Net Zero goals 

 by leading the pariticpation of all Americans. 

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