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Sunday December 3rd, 2023

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First Year BLUE SKY AMBASSADOR Online Appointment Ceremony

  • Location | Online
  • Date | 2021.05.26
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College students around the world gathered together

to commemorate the "International Day of Clean Air for blue skies"!

Through the online appointment ceremony of the BLUE SKY AMBASSADOR,

college students of 34 teams from 12 different countries,

including U.S.A., Mexico, Peru, Germany, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh,

Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia and etc.,

were appointed as the first year BLUE SKY AMBASSADOR.

As the BLUE SKY AMBASSADOR, the teams will carry out an "influence challenge"

to discovery the causes of fine dust in each country, society, campus and homes,

and come up with novel ideas and make it into action to reduce fine dust.

In addition,

commemorating the "2nd International Day of Clean Air for blue skies (September 7)

The students will carry out "How is your sky? Online Sky Tour"

and "Minimal Dust 97g Challenge."

Look forward to the challenge that will be held

in the week of the Day of Clean Air for blue skies and we ask for your participation!

Next, through the team introduction,

we shared the resolutions of the BLUE SKY AMBASSADORS

to restrain blue sky and reduce fine dust.

Although the circumstances of fine dust differs in country,

it was a time to pledge with one heart

to make blue sky for the environment, and for humanity.

Look forward to the activities of the BLUE SKY AMBASSADORS

who will make a small but big influence through this activity.

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