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Thursday June 4th, 2020

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ICLEI Supporters Team 7 ECO2_SUSTAINABLE CITIES_1st,2nd Campaign

  • Location | Boramae Park
  • Date | 2015.02.27
  • View | 270

ICLEI Supporters Team 7 ECO2_SUSTAINABLE CITIES_1st, 2nd Campaign

Hello! Everyone!

We are 2015 ICLEI University Supporters Team 'ECO₂'!

There are two meanings in the team name 'ECO₂'.

One is 'Eraser CO₂' and the other is to practice 'ECO Campaigns(Eco life, Eco Mileage)'

8 Agenda of ICLEI


Among 8 agenda, the topic given to our team is 


First, let's find out what 'SUSTAINABLE CITIES' is.



It is an agenda for the establishment of long term and integrated 

'SUSTAINABLE' policies like 

'Green City Economy, variety of the well-preserved life, efficient use of energy, low carbon'.

Shortly, the goal is to get prepared for the world climate change & the lack of natural sources.

So that the 'CITIES' would be 'SUSTAINABLE'.

In the slogan of 'Eco City', we promoted 'Eco Mileage' program, the policy of Seoul City and 

signature-collecting from citizens to participate the 'Eco Life'.

On Feb 27 & Mar 29, we proceeded campaign at Seoul Boramae Park.

Lots of citizens participated in the campaign~!

We conducted a survey about 'Eco Life' & 'Eco Mileage' just before campaign!

The result!!

The survey panel!

This picture is taken right after the survey.

You can see the result!

As you can see, most of the citizens don't know what Eco Life & Eco Mileage are.

And some of them just heard about it once but actually didn't know well.

So! We decided to explain what these are!

But before we start explaining the main topic, 

we made some simple comments on why we are doing this campaign~.


What is the main culprit of the global warming??

Yes, that's right. It's the 'greenhouse gas'!!

To reduce this greenhouse gas, Seoul City executed the 'Eco Mileage' program

that gives advantage to the houses that reduce the energy!

'Eco Mileage' program is a program that Seoul City has executed since 2009

to drive citizens to practice reducing greenhouse gas


If people reduce the greenhouse gas by saving energy, 

Seoul City gives incentives about 

50 thousand won(about 50$) to individuals 

and 4 million won(about 4,000$) to organizations~.

What's more?

Seoul City offers management for electricity, gas, local heating system and water for free.

And if the house reduces the greenhouse gas in two or more categories 

more than 10% compared to 6 months before, 

they can take the incentives!!

We made following panels with the topic of Eco Mileage!

We informed citizens about the meaning,incentives 

and how to join in The Eco Mileage.

And then we also provided explanations about The Eco Life~~

As you can see on the panels above, 

we provided useful information in 10 typical cases in daily life 

according to the age and life styles.

we also provided pamphlet from Seoul City Eco Mileage Team 

for more details.

And then we asked for their signatures to participate in the Eco Mileage & Eco Life.

We gave a gift to those who promised to participate in the programs!!

We put a DAEJAYON sticker and some candies in the packet~


lol :)

This is the self-made natural soap! :)

Some people said it is like a real chocolate.

Our talented members have done so well~

This picture here... is actually the only group photo took in consciousness.

It was few days before March. So it was cold a bit.

In the picture, there are two promotional materials from ICLEI World Congress, 

easels that Seoul City lent us, and of course, we. ^^

There were few people in the park because of the cold weather.

But there were citizens who participated in the campaign more than we thought.

Survey & ICLEI Promotion_

Citizens listening to the explanations._


Kind & Easy explanation_

This man here were surprised that filling the refrigerator up to 100% consumes

7 times more than 70%.

And he promised to practice the campaign for he realized that there is no difference between 

5 min spin-drying and 1 min spin-drying.

We can't miss 2015 ICLEI World Congress promotion!

We informed citizens about the exciting activities that people can participate 

and enjoy from Apr 8 to 12, 

at Dongdaemun DDP and Seoul Plaza.

In 2nd Campaign, we collaborated with the other team~

This team provided an idea of making a roof-top garden using disposable cups.

They suggested people to visit the roof-top garden who have heard about the Eco-Mileage.

And explained about the Eco-Mileage to those who participated in making the roof-top garden.

What a synergy!

Weather was great and ICLEI supporters started their activity with the signatures for Eco Campaign.

There were many people in the park due to the warm weather.

Lovers having date~

A father walking with his daughter~

A grandmother passing by~

All of them showed big interest in our campaign!!!

The campaign was in perfect systematic progress for we had experienced it once already. :)

Don't forget the promotion of ICLEI World Congress~

Citizens listened to our speech intently.

Supporters explained with all their passion.

And the signature of participation.

With this tender couple, we finished our campaign.

20 people at 1st campaign and 84 at 2nd, 104 people in total signed for the campaign.

About 200 citizens participated in our campaign.

This is the end of our supporters activity~.

We already miss it.

We felt the importance of the preservation of the environment.

Oops! We might have missed the most important thing!

That is~

To calculate the decrement of CO2!


I supposed there are 4 members in a family.

And electricity=250kwh, water=24000L=24m³, gas=10m³~25m³.

When these are calculated under Eco Mileage Program which gives advantage for those who use energy 10% less,

Electricity=250kwh x 0.424kg = 10.6kg CO2 decrement, 

Water=24m³x 0.66kg = 1.584kg CO2 decrement, 

Gas=10~25m³ x 2.23kg = 2.23~5.75kg CO2 decrement.


20 people signed for the 1st campaign.

So the decrement in CO2 in electricity = 10.6kg x 20 = 212kg, 

water=1.584kg x 20 = 31.68kg, 

gas=2.23~5.75kg x 20 = 44.6~115kg.

Total 288.28kg~358.68kg of CO2 decreases.


84 people signed for the 2nd campaign. 

So the decrement in CO2 in electricity = 10.6kg x 84 = 890.4kg, 

water=1.584 x 84 = 133.056kg, 

gas=2.23~5.75kg x 84 = 187.32~483kg.

Total 1210.776kg~1506.456kg of CO2 decreases.

So, the total decrement of CO2 of 1st+2nd is 1499.056kg~1865.136kg.


When the citizens who promised to participate the Eco Mileage actually participate the program, 

the effect is indeed significant.

It was a small campaign but we may reduce the CO2 up to 1865.136kg!

I'm so proud of myself. :)


I give thanks to all the citizens who participated the campaign.

It feels like I have backup forces for the SUSTAINABLE CITIES!


With one more step for the green & clean Earth, I finish the posting.


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