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Tuesday March 26th, 2020

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Earth Day, Water Footprint Experience Booth with Daejayon Reple 4

  • Location | Seoul City Hall Public Square
  • Date | 2018.04.22
  • View | 573

April 22th, Earth Day 

is a day environmentalist made to protect the Earth's environment

and let people know about the seriousness of the Earth's environmental pollution

We ran Water Footprint Experience Booth at Seoul City Hall Public Square on Earth Day.

about 300 people went by our booth^^

Water Footprint is the total amount of water consumed by human activity,

from the production of a product to its use and disuse.

All products and food have water footprints.

8000 litters of water is used to make the jeans that the boy who is carrying the water.

2700 litters of water to make one cotton shirt!

How many water footprints does 1kg of meat have to come to us?

Chicken 4,325L, Pork 5,989L, Beef 15,415L

Isn't that alot? To save water, chicken is better than beef ~

This is an ecofriendly soap 'charchoal soap for sebum control'

was given out to people.

It was all handmade in Daejayon for days!^^

Many people liked the soap and more people came to our booth!

For the mayor, there wasn't enough time to explain about water footprint

so instead we talked about 'charchoal soap for sebum control'

This blue ball represents drop of water.

The being of the booth is putting a drop of water in the transparent tube~

We can count people :)

And as the drops are gathered one by one, and the tube gets full

it gives us a message that we can save a lot of water with our small efforts.

Children in Kenya walk 5 hours for water.

We can't imagine how hard it is.

So to experience the suffering of Children in Kenya we tried to transport water.

We we concerned if people wouldn't carry the water..

But parents encouraged students to experience...

and also groups!

It was so touching

to see that little children carried bags that are even hard to adults.

Our booth was broadcasted on YTN News :)

Looking at this child moving the water so hard,

makes us think how hard and difficult it is for children to carry water baskets for a long walk :,(

After delivering water, the panel changed to children with joy

After water delivery, you step into the world of water footprints!

One cup of coffee makes more than a thousand water footprints

We made a large banner to deliver many messages in this short campaign!

And the teddy bear bag!

In this bag, there are vitamin candies for children^^

We prepared it because the booth target was citizens

But because it was so busy we couldn't give out a lot T_T

To people who listen to the explanation of the large banner gets a chance to solve a quiz^^

If you make it right, charchoal soap is given for a gift~^^

And finally, putting pieces of the puzzle to reduce water footprints!

one by one the puzzle is being filled~

Together, let's overcome global warming and reduce water footprints!

Thank you, for participating under the rain!

From now take a look at our pictures!

Together Let's GO

For the Green Earth !

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