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Thursday June 4th, 2020

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Energy Day with Daejayon and environmental Clubs Reple 3

  • Location | Seoul Metropolitan Government Square
  • Date | 2017.08.22
  • View | 594

Energy Day with Daejayon and Campus Environmental Clubs

Inha University Gagreen

 Inha Univ. Association for Research on Pollution Problems 

 Kookmin Univ.  Tea Tree 

 Singu College  Nature+ 

University Environmentalists gathered in Seoul Metropolitan Government Square!

We are the members of Daejayon KGCAUS ^^

Do you know what day August 22 is?

It is Energy Day !

Every year, Daejayon runs a booth in Energy Day.

with the members of Campus Environmental Club!

In the most hot day in summer ;;;

So it does not Black Out, due to the overuse of energy in the hot days !

In terms to save more energy!

We are running our booth fighting with the hot temperature.

Today night, 'Turn off the lights, Turn on the star' program is held.

Living with out lights for an hour !

Daejayon gave explanation with a large panel of Climate Refugees.

Also we give chance to make eco-deodorant

to people who listen to the explanation of the panel.

To the people who received the admission ticket,

they can take the eco-deodorant after making it by themselves.

It is made with natural lemon grass, citronella, cypress oil.

Eco-deodorante frequently appears in campaigns

because anyone can safely and easily make.

also it helps to make people listen to this long explanation ^^

We feel grateful to people participating in the hot weather.

The ingredient of this eco-deodorante has a scent that mosquitoes and insects hate,

so it can exterminate mosquitoes.

The ingredients are almost same with mosquito repellent.

Eco-deodorante that can be used regardless of age or gender~!

Not sticky, and aromatic!

Humidifier sterilizer Free :)

Today about 300 people participated Daejayon's booth!

This makes an all-time high record !

The two students who gave explanation about the panel, turned into a tanned farmer when the event was over ^^

Today's star was Jayon!

Even under the strong sun, people never gave up to take a photo with jayon!

New Daejayon Press Corps appointed this year

showed passion to cover all the booths.

Photo with Jayon is essential !

We were proud to see that many people were

concerned and worried about Climate Refugees.

When participating, a hat like that is essential!

Everyone envied the hat :)

The panel explanation team, who worked very hard !

Seoul City Volunteers who participated as Volunteers for Energy Day

also took part at our booth !

The last part of Daejayon's booth

is sending message of hope to Climate Refugees.

We could feel peoples heart toward the Climate Refugees,

even though I was the first and short time to know them.

Promise to Jayon!

Many staff also visited out booth.

It was a campaign for families and citizens.

We are Daejayon !

Next, is the best club!

Singu College Nature+'s booth.

Through the panel, deforestation due to waste paper

and the amount of paper usage was introduced.

And had time to make bracelets with movie posters.

This is true up-cycling !

Here too, keep up the good work ! Panel Team !

We are the only Environmental Club in Singu College, Nature+!

Kookmin University Tea Tree had a campaign

recycling disposable plastic cups into succulent plant pot.

Kookmin University Environmental Club,

where the club president is impressive for her charisma!

Worthwhile activity,

which disposable plastic cups are reborn as flowerpots !

Grow them with the love for the nature ^^

We are Kookmin University Tea Tree !

Inha University had made diverse stickers.

They had an activity, making my own fan.

When we use a fan instead of electric fans

it's good for exercise and COemission is zero!

We are Inha University, Gagreen !

Handmade, eco-mosquito repellent spray from Inha Univ.!

We are Inha Univ. Association for Research on Pollution Problems !

When we are together, Daejayon KGCAUS!

Daejayon KGCAUS Fighting!!

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