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Wednesday March 18th, 2022

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1st Year Blue Sky Ambassador Fine Dust Reduction Idea Solution Report Meeting

  • Location | Online
  • Date | 2021.11.28
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Finishing the 1st year Blue Sky Ambassador activity of this year,

we held the Blue Sky Ambassador Fine Dust Reduction Idea Solution Report Meeting

through online!

Supervisors who gave advice and evaluated the activities of the Blue Sky Ambassadors

also participated in today's event.

The supervisors emphasized the importance of university students' activities and roles

to cope with climate crisis and protect the blue skies

and encouraged the activities of the Blue Sky Ambassadors to reduce fine dust.

Followed was the "For blue skies" performance for the blue skies of the world.

How is your sky?

Become a Blue Sky Ambassador

for the blue skies without fine dust.

We had time to listen to the best fine dust reduction ideas of the excellent teams.

What kind of ideas did the Blue Sky Ambassadors come up with to reduce fine dust?

South Korea "Code Blue"

We focused on online social media promotion activities

to provide correct information and raise awareness to citizens on fine dust.

We provided practice journal and life hack

with new and interesting contents every week

and practicing fine dust reduction activities ourselves.

Peru "Synergy for Clean Air"

We made a bench in a desolated park

that contains information on air purification plants and fine dust.

The bench at the park has become a shelter for neighbors who visit the park

and a place to learn the correct information and improve awareness on fine dust 

South Korea "Green Project in Afterschool"

Reflecting the current era, where offline activities are limited due to the Corona Pandemic,

we created a virtual space using "metaverse," showing the difference between

blue sky without fine dust and sky full of fine dust

to raise awareness of fine dust reduction and blue sky preservation.

USA "Clean Air Buddies"

We developed a web-based app called "Clean Air Buddy"

that encourages people to use eco-friendly transportation such as bicycles and walking

in the United States, where private cars are more used than public transportation.

South Korea "Billion-Air"

We planned and designed the Blue Sky Board Game ourselves,

focusing on the fact that it should be fun and interesting for people to take interest

and make action together to reduce fine dust and protect blue skies.

Singapore "Soaring Clean"

As Singapore has a very good outdoor air quality,

we thought of ideas to improve the indoor air quality.

Conventional air purifiers are expensive and bulky,

so we make an air purifier that is relatively cheep and light

and that is effective in reducing fine dust.

Also, we donated them to the low-income families and families with respiratory diseases.

Now is the last session of the event, Blue Sky Amabassador Awards Ceremony!

The award is given in to sections, green technology and sustainability.

Introducing the 1st year Blue Sky Ambassador Award Winning Teams!

Grand Award(Ministry of Environment Award): Soaring Clean

Excellent Award(DAEJAYON President Award): Clean Air Buddies

Excellent Award(Eco-Youth Chairman Award): Synergy for Clean Air

Grand Award(Ministry of Environment Award): Billion-Air

Excellent Award(DAEJAYON President Award): Green Project in Afterschool

Excellent Award(Eco-Youth Chairman Award): Code Blue

🎉Congratulations to all the teams awarded!🎉

All Blue Sky Ambassadors have grown further as youth environmental leaders

by thinking for ideas to reduce fine dust at home and on campus throughout the year

for the blue skies without fine dust

planning, implementing and going through failures and success.

We ask for your interest and support

to the future activities of the 1st year Blue Sky Ambassadors!

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