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Saturday January 29th, 2022


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Little DAEJAYON Environmental Education in Sunil Girls' High School

  • Location | Sunil Girls' High School
  • Date | 2021.09.24
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The Green School environmental education was held 8 times in Sunil Girls' High School!

1st: Little DAEJAYON Report
2nd: Real Milk Pouch
3rd: Plastic Planet
4th: Discarded Banner Upcycling Garland
5th: Airpocalypse
6th: Endangered Animal Terrarium (that reduces fine dust)
7th: Paper's Betrayal: Disappearing Forest
8th: Upcycling Eco-Class & Scandiamoss Forest Frame

As climate crisis is getting more serious due to human greed,
the IPCC Report warns that we should limit the temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.

By the way, did you know that teenagers, the main culprit of the future generations,
are already acting to prevent global heating?
Through the "Little DAEJAYON Report,"
students learned that they should participate in these change.

Do you know what this formula means?
5 seconds to make plastic,
5 minutes to use,
and 500 years to decompose.

The world throws away 330 million tons of plastic every year.
What's surprising is that among the plastics that are made,
there is no naturally decomposed plastic!

So, the Little DAEJAYON students made small actions to reduce plastic use!

We made an "upcycling garland" with discarded banners!

The Little DAEJAYON students are making their own garland!

Isn't it pretty? You might not believe that it is made of discarded banners.

Other than the garland, students made real milk pouch, scandiamoss forest frame,
endangered animal terrarium that reduces fine dust,
and scrap paper note, waste leaflet bookmark, movie poster bracelet.

We will continue to support the students to keep up their efforts to protect the environment
as Little DAEJAYON and the main culprit of the future generation!
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