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Saturday January 29th, 2022


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Green School Environmental Education at Munhyeon Middle School for “Free Semester System”

  • Location | Munhyeon Middle School
  • Date | 2021.09.29
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For the new second semester,
Green School Environmental Education was conducted
at Munhyeon Middle School for the free semester system
from August 17 to September 29.

The class was conducted in online and offline
with 40 students from two classes in 1st grade.

This time we had an education under the subject "Very Special Story of Climate Refugees."

First we learned about global heating and climate disasters that are caused by it.
Climate disasters such as typhoons, rising sea levels, drought, desertification, fine dust,
and the extinction of coral reefs are occurring all over the earth.

We looked at the climate refugees,
people who lost their homes due to climate crisis, not war or persecution.

Not only low-lying island countries but also large cities are in danger of flooding,
due to the sea level rise that is occurring with global heating.

In Bangladesh, climate refugees are increasing
due to drought, flood, and desertification as well as rising sea levels.

The number of climate refugees has already exceeded the number of war refugees,
but under the current international law, the right of refugees are not granted to climate refugees,
so there is nearly no support for them.

We looked into the life of climate refugees,
Bangladesh, which lost its livelihood due to sea level rise,
Africa, where conflicts and wars doesn't end due to severe drought.

And we thought about green ideas for climate refugees
that are in the lines of the situation and environment of climate refugees

A representative example is "Solar Cow."

Solar Cow is a cow-shaped solar charging system,
that is installed in schools in Africa, where electricity is scarce,
solving both children's education and child labor problems at the same time.

We had group discussions by creating breakout rooms through the online class.
The students had time to think about ideas for climate refugees.

As a result, various green ideas for climate refugees came out.
A device that can purify seawater or contaminated water,
artificial flower beds that could be maintained despite typhoons or rising sea levels.

In addition, the Little DAEJAYON students had time to think deeply on the environment
through the theroetical and experiential classes
at the environmental education for free semester system.

We hope the Little DAEJAYON students will be environmental leaders
who practice environmental protection to prevent global heating.
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