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Friday March 7th, 2021


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Online Environmental Education for Little DAEJAYON Daemyeong Middle School: DAEJAYON REPORT, DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer

  • Location | Daemyeong Middle School
  • Date | 2020.10.23
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Online environmental education
for Little DAEJAYON Daemyeong Middle School was conducted.
Students accessed Google Classroom and watched the online lecture at their homes.

The theoretical education was "DAEJAYON REPORT 5, Last Chance."

The industrial revolution that took place in the 18th century,
led to the constant use of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum
which also led to global heating.

The global temperature, which rose by 1 degree in 10,000 years
since the last major ice age,
rose about 1 degree in about 100 years after the industrial revolution.

Who is responsible for the steep rise in the global temperature
and the damage caused by it?

If global heating continues, the sea level rises.
Climate Central, USA, announced
if the average global temperature rises 4 degrees Celsius,
major cities such as New York, Shanghai, Sydney and coastal areas would be submerged
and the 600 million people living there will lose their lives.

Rising ocean temperatures due to global heating
leads to the release of methane gas, greenhouse gas, from frozen land and ocean floor.
The explosive power of methane gas
is expected to be 100,000 times the power of nuclear weapons worldwide.

And it leads to many problems such as typhoon and flood, drought, desertification,
food shortage, destruction of the ecosystem, climate refugees, climate war, and fine dust.

There are voice that
climate change should change to climate crisis,
global warming to global heating.

Thinking that climate crisis is a far-off story, that has nothing to do with me,
is no different from a generation that denies environmental protection.

Let's all be Earth Keepers who take action for the future to overcome global heating.

Followed was experiential activity, making natural hand sanitizer.

For infectious diseases such as COVID-19,
it is important to keep your hands clean all the time.
Hands are always exposed to various harmful substances
because they always touching something.
When we touch our face or nose with our hands full of all kind of germs
or take to the mouth,
it won't be difficult for the pathogen to move on.

To keep our hands always clean we made hand sanitizer
with natural materials, so we can use it safely.
Let's all manage our hands clean and become healthy Little DAEJAYON!
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