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Wednesday September 23th, 2020


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Little DAEJAYON Environment Education in Inchang Middle School: Climate War, Installing Timer Outlet Reple 3

  • Location | Ichang Middle School
  • Date | 2019.06.27
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Inchang Middle School Environment Education Day is Back!

Today, we had a special guest

Seoul Green Campus Ambassador Team 5 , Greenpong 

participated in environment class too!

So, today the teachers came in with a pretty uniform :)

The subject of this class was the Climate war.

Climate change leads to a shortage of resources,

and this is a serious problem that could lead to war.

We've looked at the horrors of war through history

and examples that are continuing to this moment.

Inchang Middle School students also listened with serious faces!

We've discovered that climate change brings not only natural disaster

but also huge terrible disasters.

The next activity for today!

It was a timer outlet~

A timer outlet is an outlet that can set the time when the outlet turns on and off! 

when you have to rush out of the house , hard to turn on and off the power outlet every day, We can use it effectively to reduce the standby power!

Summer is coming soon,

So Inchang Middle School students decided to install a timer outlet

in each fan of the classroom!

The students finished setting up the timer as the teachers taught them.

Timer outlet that have been set up will soon be installed in each classes :)

Students who took a step forward today for the global environment!

We are curious about the future of Inchang Middle School students after the education :)

Good luck with your exams and see you again~!

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