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Tuesday June 25th, 2024


Porducing Little Daejayon Green School Home

Green School Environmental Education at Daemyeong Middle School

  • Location | Daemyeong Middle School
  • Date | 2023.04.14
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Green school environmental education was conducted for

32 environmental club students of Daemyeong Middle School.

The Daemyeong Middle School Environmental Club

is a club where students who are interested in environmental protection activities

gathered regardless of grade!

We could feel the attitude of Little DAEJAYON students

by watching their passion in regardless of theory and experience class. 😊

The first class was a theoretical education under the theme Eco Design.


People produce a lot of waste in their lives. 

If 7.7 billion people throw away just one piece of waste, the amount is enormous.

But it's almost impossible to live without making waste.


So to solve this problem,

we thought about how to extend the usage period of an item

to throw away less waste.

And that is eco design.


First, we looked at various types of eco design and provided supplementary explanations

with examples used in real life to help students understand.

We looked at zero design, multi-design, nudge design, upcycle design, and altruistic design.

It was a time to think about the definition of design as a concern for the environment.


We saw various ideas about consumption and production of goods

through novel examples made by designers from various countries around the world. 

If we take interest in our surroundings and think about ideas in our daily lives,

we can turn waste into art and upcycling products.


The second class was an upcycling class, making pencile case with sofa leather!


Through the theoretical class, students learned how much waste is produced.

In particular, 3.8 billion animals are slaughtered annually

and 4,000 liters of water are used for leather production.

In addition, 170,000 tons of waste are produced annually,

but only 13% of them are recycled, which is limited to some types.

We conducted an upcycling pencil case making activity

with students of Daemyeong Middle School

to recreate leather waste into valuable pencil cases!

While sewing, decorating, and making pencil cases through the prepared kit,

the students felt proud to participate in environmental protection through upcycling.

I hope that Little DAEJAYON students

will be able to continue to tkae interest in the environment

by using their own upcycling pencil cases! 🌍

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