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Monday July 6th, 2020

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[KOR] Shingu College Nature Plus "Sports Competition Booth Operation" Reple 1

  • Location | Welfare Center
  • Date | 2019.05.08
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Hello! This is Shingu College Environment Club, Nature Plus!
Last May 8, there was a Baekma Sports Competition 
which is the biggest festival in Shingu College.
Our club was able to raise awareness about environmental pollution 
and promote the club and Green Shop by operating a booth!

We prepare the booth by divided it into three sections!

Section 1. Hero of the Earth Cards Flipping
Section 2. Making bracelet with a leaflet
Section 3. Nature Plus promotion and present beverages

First, Card Flipping Section!
Our club member becomes a villain and the participant becomes a hero saving the Earth.
Frankly, we worried a bit that people might think it's a childish game.
But we were very thankful to the students for they enjoyed themselves!

Second, Bracelet Making section.
Cut a leaflet longitudinally, roll them up, fix them and thread them to make a bracelet.

Ta-da! Here are Up-cycle bracelets! Pretty, aren't they?
Lots of students visited this booth too!

We hope the festival will a chance for students to take more interest in the environment.
Look forward to our activities!
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