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Wednesday November 20th, 2019

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[UAE] Mermaids In The Desert "Mawasim Organic Company Visiting" Reple 1

  • Location | Mawasim Organic Company
  • Date | 2019.04.19
  • View | 104

7 Affordable and Clean Energy

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

15 Life on Land


Mawasim organic company was established to provide 
the freshest and healthiest organic products to customers across the UAE.

Mawasim has rapidly grown into local Emirati brand 
carrying products that are grown locally at
AlRawafed Organic Agriculture farm located
just 45 minutes away from downtown Abu Dhabi.

Also, Mawasim uses advanced and sustainable agricultural and 
water technologies such as drip irrigation and fertilization
 to ensure the most rich harvests while saving water resources

When we visited the Company,
there was a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, herbs, bread, 
dairy products, meat, and grocery items.

All are grown locally at AlRawafed Organic Agriculture.
Local farming helps with food security and enables sustainable resource use!
This is a reason why people should support local farming ;)

We were amazed by the amount of fruits and vegetables that can be grown locally, 
and we believe the UAE should raise the local food supplying ;)

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