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Monday March 1st, 2021


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DAEJAYON Online Press Corps Wins the Grand Prize at the UNSDGs Contents Contest

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  • Date | 2020.09.21
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DAEJAYON online press corps won the grand prize

in both photo and video areas at the UNSDGs Contents Contest

held by the World Federation of United Nations Associations [WFUNA]. 

The contest was held under the subject "Habits to Save the Earth,"

having a challenge practicing and sharing the activities of UN SDGs for 20 days.

The activity of the photo area was to introduce methods to practice UN SDGs

and recorded their activities with photos and comments through blogging.

Team Orange, meaning saving the Earth through online starting today,

introduced methods that we can practice in our daily lives for 20 days,

so that we can make habits to save the Earth.

Zero Food Waste Day, Plogging, Living with bicycles all day, Can Crush,

DIY Eco-Friendly Honeywrap, matching campus look outfits at vintage shop, etc . . .

It was filled with interesting contents that college students can easily practice.

The activity of the video area was to film tutorial video

or video practicing environmental conservation.

The team made an eco-bingo tutorial video

so people can practice fun eco-friendly life alone or together.

Using scrap paper, request e-reciepts, use natural detergents, recycling empty bottles,

maintaining the A/C temperature, using public transportation, etc . . .

It is a simple activity but the students applied it with eco-bingo,

so people can take interest and carry out the activities with many other people.

We can save and protect the Earth with our small habits in our daily lives.

In the eco-essential era, it is time to save the Earth with small habits, beyond interest.

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