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Tuesday February 19th, 2019


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Green Seminar IN CAMPUS with Kookmin University and Sangmyung University

  • Location | Kookmin University
  • Date | 2017.09.13
  • View | 230


Green Seminar IN CAMPUS was held in Kookmin University.

Today's seminar was prepared by

Kookmin Univ. Tea Tree, Sangmung Univ. Palette and Daejayon.

It was the day they presented the subject they chose

after the starting ceremony of Green Seminar IN CAMPUS

We could see the promoting poster as soon as we went inside the school :)

Green Seminar IN CAMPUS started by the presentation of Sangmyung Univ. Palette "Polar and Marine"

Trash isles are made by ocean trash that people threw away, they gathered by the whirlwind of the warm current.

It is 7 times bigger than South Korea and 2 times bigger than the state of Texas.

Also, due to the melting of glaciers the seawater expands and sea level rises 2cm per year.

This causes climate refugees who lost their lives

and island countries are in a state of life and death.

Watch the FULL Seminar of Sangmyung University, Palette

Next, Kookmin University Tea Tree's seminar about "Climate Change".

Through the extinctions of species on Earth,

they expressed the seriousness of Global Warming.

Watch the FULL Seminar of Kookmin University, Tea Tree

This time, we had a discussion in each team

about the role of the environmental club for Kookmin Univ. Green Campus activity.

Kookmin Univ. Tea Tree installed recycling bins in Kookmin Univ. with Daejayon.

They achieved results about building recycling systems in campus.

Hope a good idea comes up!

Many ideas were brought up :)

Let's build a mug cup lending service to solve the problems of disposable cafe cup!

(like an umbrella lending service)

Through diverse activities of the environment, let's make students to take interest in the environment!

(Like science experiments give interest to science)

Let's make a system to store energy where many students pass by!

In the corridor, demonstration panel about Africa's water shortage was displayed.

After the seminar, impressions of Kookmin Univ. students.

- Yu Gyeong Min, department of Public Information-

" I thought that there weren't many environmental changes by climate change but in the seminar other problems were presented that I haven't thought about. It made me think that there are lots of environmental problems!

Also, what was good was that our PPt was a bit literary

but 'Daejayon Report' used background music so it help in understanding.

Feels good that the seminar finished well, it was a bit busy preparing PPT, promotion and everything.

It was good to cooperate with other clubs also :) "

Proud of the students putting time and effort for the environment even in times busy for school exams.

Kookmin Univ. Tea Tree, Sangmyung Univ. Palette and Daejayon  Cheer UP!

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