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Wednesday March 29th, 2024


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[Ban Ki-moon Foundation & DAEJAYON] Opening Ceremony of the 4th Climate Environmental Leader Training Course

  • Location | Peace Museum of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
  • Date | 2023.09.25
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The opening ceremony of the 3rd Climate Environmental Leader Training Course was hosted.

To become a Climate Environmental Leader,

100 university students from 57 univercities gathered!

Students gathered at the Peace Museum of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

 Opening Ceremony 

 : Opening Remark, Orientation, Special Lecture 

Throught the opening remark,

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon encouraged the students and gave courage.


Carbon neutrality is a more radical revolution

than any other political or social revolution in the past

because it is a matter of changing the traditional industrial structure

as well as our way of life itself.

As such, the role of young people with a new perception and worldview is absolute,

and now the only people the planet hopes for are young students around the world.

Global leaders must step up with political will to achieve Net Zero 2050. 

For this, Climate Environmental Leaders should raise their voices

and demand from leaders.

Raise your voice! Challenge your leaders!

Next, we had an orientation of the training course.

First let's see the review of the 3rd CELders.

"I wonder when I can think about the environment so deeply

and seriously think about ways to prevent climate crisis. 

During the training course, I was able to think about the environment

and think about specific ways for the environment even in my daily life.

I think it's the process of becoming a climate leader.

Please participate actively and become a climate leader! Way to go!"

Jeong Mi-jin

"If you continue to supplement your ideas

through academies and discussions with the mind of a craftsman,

I have no doubt that your efforts for carbon neutrality will necessarily be a good outcome. 

In addition, the results can be applied to other contests, programs, and club activities,

so I think those who work hard will have a solid foothold for the future! 

I want to say you did a really good job."

Yu In-yu

"It was a good experience"

Lee Hyun-su

"As time passes, I've learned that participating in the training course and the missions given,

are a shortcut to become an environmental leader.

I was able to change the campus I attended

with the sense of mission to belong to The CELders.

Furthermore, there are so many actions I can do for the environment

if I think one more step in life and act. You'll open your eyes. 

It was a valuable opportunity to develop environmental knowledge, presentation skills,

communication skills, and collaboration skills after completing the course."

Kim Ji-woo

"I don't think it's common to think about the areas you're interested in

and the environment and to share your thoughts with others. 

In the climate environmental leader training course,

we can all grow together with the feeling of actively seeking a better direction,

so I hope you make the most of this opportunity."

Kang Da-hyun

"Although it may seem difficult at first,

there is nothing more left than this external activity. I'm sure!"

Baek So-young

It may be unfamiliar at first because of the difficulty of the progress and activities,

but there were many reviews that it would be very rewarding after finishing the course. 

I hope that the 4th generation here will be able to make meaningful results.

Now, let's take a look at the 100 universities that have gathered today.

Participants of the 4th Climate Environment Leader Training Course

gathered from 57 universities. 

I have a feeling that the training course is becoming global.

There are participants from the People's University of China,

New York University, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

But the reigons where they live are very familiar.

Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, and Yecheon-gun, Gyeongbuk :)

What is the proportion of environmental majors among the 100 participants?

It is 36%.

And international studies is 13%.

In addition, there are other majors such as Aerospace Engineering, K-Beauty, Textile Design,

and Information Security, Cryptology, and Mathematics.

First Penguin, Turning Point, Trend Setter.

These are the keywords for the Climate Environmental Leaders of each generation.

1st Generation was First Penguin,

2nd Generation was Turning Point,

3rd Generation was Trend Setter,

and the 4th Generation is this.

"Digging Momentum"

It is the act and method of digging deep into a field that suits one's taste in a specific subject.​​

It doesn't matter if you were interested in the environment or not.

I think it is the perfect keyword for those

who will dedicate their time and passion for the environment during this semester.

After the special lecture,

all the teams had time to take a commemorative photo

with the secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

 Luncheon with Global Leaders 

Through a preliminary survey,

the tables were placed with nine experts and five university environmental activists.

Team 1. Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General

Team 2. Lee Hye-gyong, President of DAEJAYON

Team 3. Kim Sook, Executive Director of Ban Ki-moon Foundation For a Better Future

Team 4. Jeong Nae-Gwon, First Climate Change Ambassador

Team 5. Lee Byung-yong, Head of Planning and Policy

Team 6. Choi Sung-joo, Head of International Cooperation

Team 7. Park Il-ho, Head Administration

Team 8. Kim Tae-sun, General Manager of DAEJAYON

Team 9. Julian Quintart, Celebrity & Environmental Activist

Team 10-14. University Student Environment Activists

The participants had an opportunity to experience vegan food, for the environment.

After the luncheon,

students carried out team photo mission and participated in the side events.

 Talk Concert: A Meeting with Global Leaders and Future Generations 


Julian Quintart, Celebrity & Environmental Activist


Ban Ki-moon (8th UN Secretary General),

Kim Sook (23rd Korean Ambassador to the UN),

Jeong Nae-Gwon (First Climate Change Ambassador)

Through the Q&A time with the global leaders,

students had an opportunity to develop their dream in a more bigger scale.

Finishing the event, everyone gathered at the lawn plaza and chanted the slogan together.


 Touring the Peace Museum 

 Distribute NET ZERO KIT 


I was very grateful for the opportunity to ask questions over meals

with global experts who I could not meet in private.

Kim Chae-won

It was good to get to know the various views of the Secretary General and Ambassadors.

I was able to have a good time without any burden

because they carefully answered to various questions from the climate leaders,

and gave a light conversation during the ice breaking time.

Before I interacted with them, they look too formal, but I found out that they were a warm people working for the world through the talk concert. Also, the luncheon was a great time to communicate with global leaders

and talking about things that cannot be known externally.

Kang Gyeong-moon

I was able to sympathize through the congratulatory speech
emphasizing the necessity of action, change, and practice
as we faced a climate crisis that requires urgent change. I felt like I was starting something together not alone,
making me think of the heart I had when first applying for the program.

Lee Eun-chae

We look forward to your active and passionate participation

in the "4th Climate Environmental Leader Training Course"

that starts from the opening ceremony.

Beyond climate crisis response,

we hope you can make a positive influence to the surrounding people,

the society and the country you belong

for the things you dream and think valuable. 

Hope this time has been a valuable experience

that will be long remembered during your campus life

and hope it serves as a foundation

for changing your thoughts and bringing out valuable actions!

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