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Wednesday February 1st, 2023


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[Ban Ki-moon Foundation & DAEJAYON] Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Climate Environmental Leader Training Course

  • Location | Peace Museum of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
  • Date | 2022.09.19
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To combat climate crisis, 100 university students from 57 universities gathered
with intelligence and courage.

Early morning, students gathered at the Peace Museum
of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (Eumseong, Chung Buk)
from Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gwangju, and Busan.

After arriving, the students had a commemorative photo
with Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, Julian, and the distinguished guests.

 1. Opening Ceremony 

The 1st climate environmental leaders left a special message
to the participants who are on a new journey.
We hope the 2nd climate environmental leaders
will also have good memories and experiences.

About 41% participants are majoring in the environment.
As you can see, environment-related majors are increasing
such as global environment, environmental ecology.
This is a clear indicator that the environment can become a career.
In addition, 7% majored in international studies
and 6% majored in political science and diplomacy.

Students from various majors such as Dutch language, pharmacy,
international law, physical therapy are participating.
We look forward to a more groundbreaking and thorough discussion
as they have all different majors!

 2. Special Lecture: Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary-General 

Topic: Net Zero and the Role of Youths

Priority of the Secretary General is
1st Climate Change,
2nd SDGs,
3rd Improving Women's Rights,
 and in addition, improving teenager's rights.

We could see the cold-hearted international community,
during his duty as Secretary General,
through the experiences visiting places where climate damage was severe
and when powerful countries didn't bat an eye
to the desperate request of weak countries that are under actual damage.

However, youths are different.
Youths are overcoming climate crisis with a pure approach for the future of humanity
without being bound by interests of each country.

"Korea has established the Presidential Commission on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth
but did not make action for carbon neutrality,
and the current government has weak will to implement it."

He criticized the leaders' uncooperative and passive attitude 
and strongly insisted that politicians must be blamed for responsibility.

'Leading by Example'

Military leaders should not command to move forward as they step back.
The president should lead climate change.

Challenge your leaders!
your president, your ministers, your mayors.

After the special lecture,
all the teams had time to take a commemorative photo
with the secretary-general Ban Ki-moon.

 3. Luncheon with Experts who Changes the World 

The tables were organized through the preliminary survey on whom they want to eat with.
It was time to talk freely in a comfortable space.

Team 1. Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General
Team 2. Lee Hye-gyong, President of DAEJAYON
Team 3. Kim Sook, Executive Director of Ban Ki-moon Foundation For a Better Future
Team 4. Lee Byung-yong, Head of Planning and Policy
Team 5. Choi Sung-joo, Head of International Cooperation
Team 6. Kim Bong-hyun, Advisor
Team 7. Park Il-ho, Head Administration
Team 8. Kim Tae-sun, General Manager of DAEJAYON
Team 9. Julian Quintart, Celebrity & Environmental Activist
Team 10-15. University Student Environment Activists

For the environment, today's foods were vegan.

 4. Talk Concert: A Meeting with Global Leaders and Future Generations 

MC: Julian Quintart, Celebrity & Environmental Activist
Panel: Ban Ki-moon (8th UN Secretary General)Kim Sook (23rd Korean Ambassador to the UN)

The afternoon schedule was led by Julian Quintart from Belgium
and the talk concert was held with Ban Ki-moon Former Secretary General
and Kim Sook Executive Director.

Can you see the eco-friendly paper back wall?
We reused the back wall from the 1st Climate Enviornmental Leaders.

At today's event, there were many eco-friendly materials.
Among them are name tags made with zero carbon
through by-products from food ingredients such as olive, grape, corn and kiwi.

It was impressing that the Secretary General reused scrap paper.

At first, we had Ban Quiz for ice breaking
and QnA time 'Answer from Ban Ki-moon' was followed.

There were various questions and answers
that made us think about the rapidly changing era and numerous problems,
including the situation that we should respond predicting the temperature will rise by 2.4℃,
reviewing energy policies, the need for citizens to continuously raise issues,
and about the Ukraine war where he recently visited.

Silence, neutrality in the face of injustice is joining the side of the oppressor.
Neutrality is not an option.

 5. Commemorative Photo with Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General 

It was a time to engrave our vision once again by chanting the slogan together.

Selfie time!

 6. Tour in Peace Museum 

Finally, touring the Peace Museum of the 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,
students had time to grow their dreams as global leaders and enter international organizations.
After the tour finished, they received a NET ZERO Kit and went back to the bus they took.

 We have a leader for each country, but we do not have a leader for the world
 What we need in this era is a global leader who will lead Net Zero. 

 Silence itself means you accept. 
 If you be silent, it means that you accept the current political system 
 that prioritizes governments' economic growth and business interests 
that makes policies for the long-term profit of humanity and future generations impossible, 
instead of keeping the climate agreement. 

 You have dreams, visions, and youthful passion to change the world. 
 I want to bet our future on the potential that you, university students have. 
 Now is the time you should make action. 
 Prepare to speak logically and clearly about what you need to do 
 through the climate environmental leader training course. 
 Also, raise your voice to the government, companies, and the public. 
 Boldly and courageously intervene in climate issues
to make changes with sufficient scale and speed. 

 Let's make a Net Zero future where all humanity can live healthy in an environment 
 where future generations do not have to worry about human survival, where energy is eco-friendly, 
 and where there is no climate disaster. 
 I will also be with you and support on your voice. 
 Thank you. 

 -Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General- 

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