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Tuesday September 27th, 2022


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[Ban Ki-moon Foundation &DAEJAYON] Opening Ceremony of the 1st Climate Environment Leader Training Course

  • Location | Peace Museum of the 8th Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
  • Date | 2022.05.09
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150 university students from 89 universities gathered
with intelligence and courage to face climate crisis!

The students came to the Peace Museum
of the 8th Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (Eumseong, Chungbuk)
early in the morning from Seoul, Gyeonggi, Gwangju, Busan, Gyeongju, and Masan.

At today's event, there are eco-friendly equipment everywhere.
One of them is the handmade name tag made by recycling three types of calligraphy paper.

Right after the students arrived, a commemoration photo was taken
with the distinguished guest including Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary-General, Julian.


The opening ceremony started with the remarks of Ban Ki-moon
and the President of DAEJAYON!

Today will be a busy day!

There was a participant analysis through the opening presentation.

Students took an interest in the environment by feeling environmental crisis in their daily lives.

The top 2 interest keyword was "climate crisis" and "carbon neutrality."

Among the 150 students, 56% are entry-level, 32% intermediate, and 12% advanced.
49% of the students have already chosen an environmental career.

In addition, students with the dream to work in an international organization
or becoming a diplomat participated.

Hope this training course will be an opportunity for everyone
to take action with the interest in the environment,
and we look forward to the responses after completing the training course.

The banner on the top is an eco-friendly paper banner! :)

2. SPECIAL LECTURE: Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary-General
Topic: Climate Change and SDGs

It was a lecture that awakened us
that the UN is doing what we have to do even though it is impossible,
and we have to do what we can do.

To do it, what he emphasized was "mindset."
Only a change of mindset can save the global environment.

He told us about the visit to the Arctic and Antarctic to learn about the current climate crisis,
and said that climate crisis is "a great transformation of civilization."

And when the new government was inaugurated,
he suggested the need for climate environment to the president-elect Yoon.

In addition, the Secretary-General showed an example of living an eco-friendly life,
reusing the lecture paper that he brought with the mindset "do environmental practice or die.

You can see the full version when you apply to the 2nd Climate Environment Leader.

3. LUNCHEON with Experts
The lunch table was organized by the pre-survey on whom you want to have lunch with.
It was a time to freely talk with the experts at each table.

                       Team 1: Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary-General
                       Team 2: President of DAEJAYON
                       Team 3: Kim Sook, Executive Director of Ban Ki-moon Foundation
                       Team 4: Lee Byung-yong, Director of Planning and Policy
                       Team 5: Choi Sung-joo, Director of Foreign Affairs and Security
                       Team 6: Kim Bong-hyun, Advisor
                       Team 7: Park Il-ho, Director of Management Administration
                       Team 8: Jung Tae-yong, Director
                       Team 9: General Manager of DAEJAYON
                       Team 10: Julian Quintart, Celebrity and Environmental activist
                       Team 11-20: University student environmental activist

Before the luncheon, all the teams had a commemorative photo
with Ban Ki-moon, 8th UN Secretary General.

The global leaders and Julian also had a commemorative photo.

The menu today was prepared as a Lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet,
which includes eggs and dairy, and disposable products were not used at all.

It was an opportunity to taste various vegan foods
such as bulgogi made of beans and mushrooms.

It was impressive to see the Secretary-General stand in the line
behind the students after the long shooting.

The morning schedule ended, having a great time!
Look forward to the afternoon schedule in the next posting!
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